Anymode is developing a native interface for your brain. Its mind map approach amplifies your work and knowledge, helping you think and perform at your best.

My Role

My Role

My Role

My work involved engaging with users in the early stages of the product, facilitating co-creation workshops, and building the brand, website, and app.

Co-Creation Sessions

In the span of a month, I was appointed to lead research and discovery. Together with the team, I interviewed over 45 professionals and facilitated more than four co-creation sessions.

Co-creation Workshops

When it comes to building with users, one of my favorite ways to engage them is by presenting Sacrificial concepts.

Sacrificial concepts are early, raw, potentially flawed ideas presented as sketches. They are not meant to convince users; rather, their purpose is to elicit an opinionated response.

Unfinished designs invite participation, while finished designs invite criticism. Depending on where you are in your journey, it's essential to choose the right fidelity when interacting with users.

Early Prototypes

Our users showed a lot of excitement about the graph as a medium for multimodal interaction with different LLMs.

The concept of the graph turned out to be intuitive, but when it comes to using it, there are fine nuances that make the graph complex (scalable) or complicated (overwhelming).

So we dove into prototyping to figure out how to set a base interaction paradigm that can work for different use cases.

Design for Multimodal Canvas Interface

The intended name for the system was Anynode, not Anymode. Anynode primarily relies on nodes to connect workflows and trigger actions.

My task involved designing node behavior and prototyping different interaction paradigms that could adapt to various mediums, such as audio, links, and tables.

In addition to being agnostic and adaptable to different mediums, it was crucial to ensure that actions were context-aware.


While talking with users they craved for the ability to extend their action on multiple objects into wrapper that can grow without repeating their workflows.

We decided to build Collections, that will allow users to preform tasks in a batches.

Product Usecases

Here are the couple of use cases of our product, in MVP stage users are currently able to build graphs on Text, Collection and Images.

Landing Page

One of my favorite parts of storytelling was building a landing page that can function as a basic demo.

Building a small prototype that can give you a feeling of what Anymode is about is crucial!

We observed a lot of movements and interactions from new users in Mouseflow!

Ask me about

Ask me about

Ask me about

Moving from idea to MVP.

How to actually ask question and get real feedback.

Future of product building with AI.

A glimpse of my work and life. Thanks for reading.

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