Prototyping AR in VR

A quicker way to prototype and test AR

After the Anaesthesia project, I was searching for a different way to design, prototype and evaluate AR interfaces. We used different methods in our project, like paper prototypes, Google Cardboard or video mockups in After Effects, most of these methods were ether limited or time consuming.

So I found this method to be super fast, easy and most of all engaging. What I also find beneficial in this approach is ability to easly put designer/user in context. Just by having 360 image of place that you are designing for you can be more aware of complexity and problematic of placing augmented layer inside already crowded reality.

As mentioned in the video, this method opens new interesting and engaging possibility for testing an Augmented Reality interface. Having the possibility to adjust the environment and get into the context is something that’s a big advantage of a VR system.

Hey man this is so cool, I would love to try this also!

Awesome! What you need is VR headset (luckly I have it at University). Tiltbrush, a software from Google, you can find it on Steam for free. And Follow these steps..

1. Prepare your 360 image tutorial here.
2. Prepare your image assets, for test just create some random graphics and paste it inside Images folder (Tilt Brush / Media Library / Images).

Me: You did it?
You: Yeah!

3. Now put that thing on your head, open Tiltbrush and find your stuff following same steps I do in video.

Happy prototyping!

Me: You did it?
You: Something is wrong?!
Me: Send me an email

If you know of some other cool way of prototyping AR, please share!