Research paper on AR in professional work enviroment

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In this paper we discuss about the opportunities and constraints encountered during an interaction design project, carried out at Umeå Institute of Design, and based on our collective experience when designing for professional users, in this case, Anaesthesiologists. We tackled the issue by introducing an Augmented Reality system (AR) into our vision of a future Operation room (OR), and explored the usability and consequence of these changes. (…)


We followed user-centred and systems thinking approaches, so as to explore the area of interest, anesthesia, in all its micro and macro levels – from asking the user how they feel about certain aspects of their job/life to trying and create a picture of how the hospital works. All these levels, the micro and macro, come with their own complexities (even the smallest details are hard to tackle, from manufacturing issues, sales, societal and environmental concerns) but at the same time also brings countless possible solutions; still we figured out that one of the first problems we encountered was also the one we thought would impact most in the life of the nurse if solved successfully.